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Hardwood floor care. How to take care of your hardwood floors. Expert advise on proper care for hardwood floors. Hardwood Floors care and Maintenance.
Mr. Felix Floor, Inc. recommendations on how to keep your new hardwood floors beautiful for a lifetime.

What to Expect? Protect Your Investment.

Mr. Felix Floor, Inc. is the professional and experienced commercial and residential hardwood floor contractor. We care about you and your hardwood floors. We use top quality materials and supplies to ensure best quality of the finished product. We use proper equipment and tools during the installation. Our professional crew is well trained and experienced in all aspects of hardwood floor installation and finishing work. We use standardized installation method and established sequence of operations.

If you never lived in or owned a house with hardwood floors before, you might need to know, that wood is a natural material and it is sensitive to the whether / temperature / humidity change. We strongly advise our customers to install the Dehumidifier in their home. It is important to maintain adequate and stable moisture level in the house. Dry air generated by the heater during the cold season will cause hardwood floors to “shrink”. It may develop visible gaps. The gaps will become smaller or completely disappear in the summer. If you noticed the gaps between the pieces of wood in the winter time, do not panic – this is the wood floors reaction on dry air in the house. Properly selected and well adjusted dehumidifier will minimize or completely eliminate this effect.

New Construction- House Renovation Projects involving hardwood floor installation and/or re-finishing.

Always consult with your builder or hardwood floor contractor on proper sequence of operations. Finished hardwood floors are easy to scratch or even damage by other contractor working in the house after hardwood floors have been installed and finished. Many people do not realize, that polyurethane material is plastic. It can be easily scratched with material harder then plastic, metal, for example. So, if the walls painting is scheduled AFTER the hardwood floors has been installed and completely finished, it is required to cover and properly protect your hardwood floors from possible damage by other workers.

Harwood Floor installation or re-finishing job always involves moving the heavy pieces of furniture or appliances to their designated places.
This is one of the most common causes of hardwood floor damages. Plan ahead when moving heavy furniture or appliances. Do not slide, roll or drug objects across the room. Protect your floor vigorously during the furniture moving. Polyurethane is hard material, but it is still plastic. Plastic is SOFTER than any metal, for example. Everyone knows that, but some people neglect proper techniques when moving the furniture and appliances thorough the hardwood floors. it causes scratches, dents.

Furniture must be equipped with floor protectors.

Very often the generic Teflon inserts installed into the furniture legs are not enough to protect your hardwood floor from scratches. The furniture must slide easily over the floor surface without leaving scratches or making a sound. You can find a large selection of furniture protection items in a local hardware store. It is always easy (and cheaper) to protect your floor form scratches, than treat scratches afterwards.

Hardwood Floors are sensitive to direct sunlight.

Protect your hardwood floor from fading and discoloration – keep your curtains or blinds closed.

Hardwood Floors are sensitive to the moisture.

If you have your hardwood floors installed in the kitchen and need to change/move/reinstall your appliances – check all hoses and water supply connections for secure attachment and proper seal. Water can cause permanent damage to hardwood floors.

Study the foot traffic pattern in your house.

If you know the heaviest foot traffic in your house, it is wise to cover this area of hardwood floors with a rug or a runner. You will be glad you did.

General rules for hardwood floor cleaning.

Regular and proper cleaning is essential to keep your hardwood floor beautiful for a lifetime. First – sweep the floor to remove large particles. Clean your floor with dry cloth or slightly wet cloth. When use wet cloth, ALWAYS dry the floor with a dry piece of cloth. If you have a cleaning crew to help you with the hose cleaning, instruct them on proper hardwood floor cleaning procedure.

If you have a pet.

We know you love your little friend – but it is best to restrict pet’s access to the hardwood floors area. Pets are usually responsible for floor scratches, spotty damages and wood discoloration. No matter how well your pet is groomed and trained, the accidents can happen.

Here are the updated CDC recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting your home. This reference can help you better understand how the COVID-19 virus lives on household surfaces, so you know what you’re fighting.
To augment the technical CDC information, we’ve authored a practical guide, Clean Before You Disinfect Your Countertops and Floors that provides step-by-step instructions on how you can take effective, everyday steps to keep your home clean and virus-free. Our goal is to provide “real world” solutions that take into account the difficulty in securing cleaning supplies such as paper towels, disinfectant cleaners, etc.

We’re confident you’ll find the cleaning and disinfecting instructions useful and easy to follow.

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